August 28, 2011

Taylor Lautner Attends A Who Dat Practice

Today Taylor hit up the Saints' practice in Oxnard, Ca.  Apparently he got to practice with them and is really, really good!  Chase Daniels, Drew Brees' back up, tweeted-
Taylor Lautner was at walk thru today and actually beat the QB's and Coach Payton in our daily Quarterback competition!
Greg Bensel, VP of communication,  tweeted the photo above of Taylor beside Coach Payton.  Thanks, Greg!

Ugh! A man after my heart! For those of you who don't know, I love my New Orleans Saints!  I live in Mississippi, and am an hour and a half or so away from New Orleans.  Yes, I was a fan before they were good! If y'all only knew how many time I had to wear a brown paper bag over my head. -A little team history for ya!- I will be going to the Saints VS Houston game in a few weeks... Maybe he will be there!


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