August 8, 2011

Exclusive Look Around the Breaking Dawn Cullen Set Location in Squamish!

*So, super thanks to Anon and co who emailed into us with this incredible story of how they went in search of the Breaking Dawn Cullen house set:
My TwiCracker friend and I were driving back from Whistler a few weeks ago and decided to try and find the Cullen house in Squamish.

We knew approximately where it must have been so we started driving around and (after many wrong turns) actually found it!! We couldn't believe it!!

Since Breaking Dawn filming had been completed most of the set had already been demolished :( So sad! Although... we might have kept a teeeeeeensie bit of wood as a souvenir :D Silver lining!!

But what we found there was definitely interesting and it was SO exciting to actually be at the place where the last movies were filmed!!

First when we walked down the drive way, you come to a large clearing in the woods... on our left was what was left of the Cullen garage ramp, and we knew we'd found it!

From then it was easy to figure out where the building had been because we could clearly make out the foundation shape of the Cullen's house...

And the outline of where the garden was...

There were piles of more "fake" concrete rocks...

And at the back of where the house was, is a large garden area, which had obviously been cleared out and covered over with moss...

Down the middle, we could make out was must have been the aisle from the wedding!!

At the top of which was an indent from the alter Edward stands in front of in the trailer!!!

At the end of the garden was a bolder and log-seat set-up, which MUST be where Bella arm-wrestles with Emmett :D

The edge of the garden looks out onto the river, just like in the books, and is maybe where Bella jumps over when she first changes into a vampire and goes hunting :D

It was so exciting and we can't wait to see where we were up on the big screen with all of our favorite Twi-cast for Breaking Dawn!! SUPER SQUEEE!!
Suuuch lucky ladies! Thanks again for sharing xxx

- Lorabell

*TCA does not support trespassing or disruption of filming but since filming's been wrapped a while, I see no harm in sharing their story :)

P.s. Check out my bloggy bud MandysMind post about her recent trip to Squamish, including more photo angles of the set and also a visit to a cliff face used in Breaking Dawn.

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