August 18, 2011

Dakota Fannings Signs On For An 1850s Biopic

Apparently Dakota Fanning has signed on for a new 1850s biopic called Effie. Emma Thompson wrote the script and will star in the film. Rumor has it that Tom Sturridge will be her lovah!  What do y'all think about that? Always a Rob and Kristen connection somewhere! --Ashes

 Dakota will play Euphemia Gray, who married famed critic John Ruskin. Though Effie was gorgeous, her husband never consummated the marriage over five years because he was disgusted by her body. In the end, Effie falls in love with Ruskin’s protege John Everett Millais.

P.S.- I tried to find a picture...For obvious 1850s reasons, that is all I could find!


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