July 14, 2011

Ted Casablanca Ponders Edward's Bachelor Party Possibilities

Ted over at The Awful Truth had a few wild ideas at how Edward's bachelor party should go down.

Ted said:
Now, before the whole "Edward's a gentleman, he'd never do that to Bella" crap
starts, remember, this is all in the name of fun. So what king of fun should
they engage in? We have a few ideas:

The Hangover, Cullen Style:
Emmett, Jasper and Carlisle take Edward to Vegas for a reckless night on the
Things get crazy when Emmett spikes the blood Jell-O shots. They wake
up the next morning and (gasp!) Edward is missing. Cue ensuing drama.

Strip Club: Can you blame Edward? He's only human...well, not really. A lap dance is
like a bachelor party rite of passage. And you can bet the ladies would be fans
of the Cullens and their...um...stone-like skin.

Sporting Event: The Cullens are pretty into baseball. So it's not out of the question that they would take Edward to a ball game where they can pretend to drink beer and chow down on hot dogs.

Hunting 2.0: OK, so maybe they really will go hunting. But it shouldn't be their typical routine. Our idea: strip hunting. The last person to catch a deer has to remove an article of clothing. You know Jacob would be all over this (if he's invited, of course)—he never backs down to a shirtless hunting

Which one do y'all think is more likely?


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