July 19, 2011

Robsten Alert - Rob and Kristen Spotted Vintage Shopping in LA?

HollywoodLife released this pic of Rob taking a private plane from Toronto to LAX yesterday..

“Rob was not bored at all and spent time looking at stuff around the store while helping Kristen. When Kristen started to try on clothes she even asked Rob for his opinion and if he thought she looked good.” said the source.

The couple didn’t lock lips, but they indulged in a few loving embraces and seemed to genuinely enjoy being together. Kristen bought a pair of jeans and a few shirts and other clothing items.

They also were very polite to all the employees and didn’t flex any star power despite their status as one of Hollywood’s hottest power couples."

After all of the pics of Kristen out and about I'm surprised (if pleased* they both some how seemed to dodge the paps!

- Lorabell

NB: Private plane? Really Rob?! Think green!

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