July 11, 2011

Robsten Alert - New/Old Pics of Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

I spotted these pics (from a flight between Montreal and LAX August 2010) floating around the Twinternet yesterday and hesitated to post but since they're everywhere, if you do want to see them please...

If you don't want to see the pics, feel free to partake of the corresponding deets:
SophDash I saw robert and Kristen last august! They were so in love :)"
"They kissed a lot and they were holding hands. They seemed very close :)"
"Montreal to LAX :)"
"They played games together on iPad."
"Robert was reading a script. He also watch Gangs of New York. Kristen listened to music."
Were they making out a lot? lol Yes almost half of the trip.
No I don't have a kiss pic :( sorry.
Yes, the seats were in business class.
@lizelleb Yes I think they saw me.
nope no video.
Click for bigger

Apparently Rob likes to hold someone's hand for take off and landing. All together now... Awww!

- Lorabell

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