July 26, 2011

Get it While You Can - Spoilerific SDCC Sparkles!

Updated: Better quality? Ask and TwiCrackers shall receive... even though edited together in slightly the wrong order:

*Um... Spoiler Alert!*

Apologies for the less than perfect quality but I'm sure you'll enjoy just the same ;)

Transcript to follow along - including extras that I remember but are missing:

Edward "You wanna take a look around?"

*They walk slowly around villa and are faced with a huge bed... soon to be destroyed!*

Edward "Would you like to go for a swim?"

Bella "Yeah, that sounds a amazing. I could use a few human minutes."

Edward "Don't take too long... Mrs Cullen"

*Edward walks out of double doors to beach, untucks his shirt. Bella takes handcase into bathroom, looks at herself in mirror*

Bella "OK."

*Frantically starts to brush teeth and hair, take off rings, splashes face, shaves legs. Opens luggage and rummages through finding only flimsy lingerie*

Bella "Alice!"

*Bella slumps on the floor and tries to calm down"

Bella "Don't be a coward."

*Bella walks out on beach in towel, drops it, looks out on Edward's bare back in moonlit ocean*


Super massive big hugs to Jade514 and Marie!!!

- Lorabell

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