July 3, 2011

Fan Fiction Panel Deets for Comic Con 2011

"That’s right, the Twilight Fan Panel is back. This year we have a diverse group of Twilight fan fiction authors. They are ready to share their unique experience and opinions on reading and writing fan fiction in the Twilight fandom. We invite you to join us at the 2011 San Diego Comic Convention for what we hope is a lively, enthusiastic and fun discussion."

Panel members:

ArcadianMaggie "I Wept Not"
MJinAspen "Reality Minus Expectations"
Rochelle Allison "Stary Eyed Inside"
Magnolia822 "A Quiet Fire"
Belladonna1472 "The Cullen Campaign"
Einfach Mich "Confessions of a Difficult Woman"
ScarlettLetters "Wild Swan" (Moderator)

You can submit questions for the Q&A at source :)

I've not heard of these fics before - would anyone recommend them?

Either way, I can't wait to attend the panel - I flove me some fic!

- Lorabell

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