July 27, 2011

Bill Condon Talks Breaking Dawn Soundtrack!

Update: According to @ClosedSetMovies one of the “musically inclined cast members” will be on the movies soundtrack!

I wonder if it'll be Jackson and the 100 Monkeys but, oh Gawd, please let it be Rob!

- Lorabell

Everyone has been asking about the Breaking Dawn - Part 1 soundtrack. Bill Condon spoke with MTV at Comic-Con and gave them some answers.

I LOVE what he says about the BD soundtrack. The Twilight soundtrack was my favorite. I liked the other ones, but Twilight was the best IMO. Which cast member do you think Bill is referring to?


MTV News caught up with Condon at 2011 San Diego Comic-Con to talk about the final two installments of the franchise, and he told us that both movies, but particularly "Part 1," will hearken back to Catherine Hardwicke's 2008 "Twilight" flick, which started the onscreen phenomenon.

"I always thought of 'Breaking Dawn - Part 1' as a real companion piece to Catherine Hardwicke's movie," Condon explained. "Like, everything that got set up there gets resolved here. I think you'll find that there are stylistic and other nods to that film."

Fans will also be excited to learn that some of the same principles will apply to the highly anticipated "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" soundtrack. Condon confirmed that Carter Burwell, who scored the first movie, will be back for "Part 1," which means familiar themes like "Bella's Lullaby" will be in play again for the first time since "Twilight" first hit theaters.

With negotiations for the soundtrack still under way, though, Condon wouldn't talk too specifically about which songs will be included on the album. But he confirmed that there's a good chance that one of the "Twilight" cast's musically-inclined stars will appear on the soundtrack.

We'll leave it up to fans to guess whether that means Robert Pattinson, Jackson
Rathbone, Booboo Stewart or one of the other musical castmembers.

"We're just figuring out [the soundtrack] now," Condon said during MTV News' "Breaking Dawn" Comic-Con takeover, adding that they haven't made deals with all of the featured artists yet. "We have a lot of [songs]. We have like 15, I think."


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