July 27, 2011

Bill Condon Gives Deets About The Birth Scene

Bill Condon spoke with MTV while at Comic-Com. He gave some great details on the birth scene! I am ready for more clips and a trailer! It is taking FOR-EV-ERRR for the release date to get here!

"I gave myself one real rule, which was, 'Let's only see what Bella could see
lying there,' " he explained. "All this stuff is happening [around her] and she
is seeing it from her point of view. She can look around, she can look up, but
basically you get to experience every moment of that birth, including if you
read the book — you know exactly what that image means. If you haven't read the
book, you might not know because it's not being absolutely explicit."

Nevertheless, Condon promised that fans will be satisfied by how they
approached the birth scene. "It's not putting the camera in every place but
believe me, I think you'll get a very visceral experience."

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