June 3, 2011

Who is Sitting Where for the MTV Movie Awards 2011

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E! Online correspondent @MarkMalkin twitpic from inside the Gibson Amphitheatre in LA showing clearly where our fave Twi-cast will be seated for this Sunday's show.

Surprise, surprise Rob, Kristen and Taylor are seated together with Kristen in the middle and seats either side... If I recall, this happened last year and Rob and Kristen sat side-by-side regardless, unlike 2009 when they kept their distance.

I wonder which way the seating chart will turn this year...

Don't forget to join us for the TwiCrack Live Chat as we watch it all happen!

- Lorabell

P.s. I can't help but notice how Ryan Reynolds is sitting next to Blake Lively just one row back... damn her ;)

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