June 4, 2011

Breaking Dawn Wedding Designer Portfolio - Snooping Potential Details :D

I spotted over at TwiFans the wedding scene designer for Breaking Dawn - Tammy Polatsek. So obviously I started nosing around her website - natch!

Not only has Tammy designed for events such as *ahem* The Oscars but also venues including Rockerfeller Center O_o

I am sensing a "white floral garland" theme throughout her work, which is definitely visible in the Breaking Dawn teaser trailer as well as a similar rose draped archway!

As well as flowers, lightening and other features, Tammy also designs event food and cakes - I wonder if she also created the wedding dinner. Although, we found was back last November that FairyDustCakes are making Edward and Bella's wedding cake.

So exciting :D

- Lorabell

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