June 30, 2011

Rob Gets Smashed...

In the face with a pie! Sorry, I had to put the title! Rob was filming scenes for his new movie Cosmopolis and had to have his perfect face smashed with a pie.

According to The Awful Truth:
Ah yes, an actor with all the money, fame, and fawning babes in H'wood is making
one of those humility movies. And a pie in the face is just one of many sucky
encounters—ya know, like also realizing his limo was totally trashed—that
R.Pattz's character endures as he loses his fortune in one totally crappy day.
I know I say this a lot, but... He even looks cute with a cake smashed in his face! Can this kid ever look ugly? Like bad hair day, pimple, swollen eyes ugly? I doubt it. I'd probably still be *interested*! Dirty minded ;)

See more pics at ROBsessed


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