June 15, 2011

New Breaking Dawn MerchThis TwiCracker Will Be Buying - How To Get Bella's Wedding Hair Style

Perez Hilton claims that sources have revealed exclusively to his fashion site, Coco Perez, PRO Beauty Tools has a surprise for us Twi-Crackers!

PRO Beauty Tools hair product were used to style the cast for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. Apparently, this October, you’ll be able to purchase some limited edition Twilight styling tools!

Each item will come with a special guide showing you how to create each style. And naturally it’ll also include several Saga images and character photos.

The items included are:

A Styling iron to achieve Bella’s waves — This one features Kristen Stewart’s image on the package

A Styling iron to get Edward’s signature look — Obviously Robert Pattinson’s image is on this one

A Styler to achieve Alice and Esme’s hair styles — Ashley Greene or Elizabeth Reaser’s image will be on this package

A Hairsetter to get Rosalie’s waves — Nikki Reed’s image is on this one

And an Ionic Dryer — This one has both Bella and Edward imagery on the packaging

As always, take this with a grain of salt. Perez gets a lot of stuff wrong, but I do believe this one.
I will definitely be purchasing the ionic dryer and Bella's styler for myself. I'll probably buy Edward's styler for my husband, but I am sure it'll go in unused!

What do y'all think? True or no? What will you be buying if it is?


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