June 2, 2011

Lets Obsess Over Details in the New Breaking Dawn Teaser Trailer Stills :D


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OK, so we've established we can spy Wyck (hearts), Stephenie and Melissa in the congregation. I'm pretty sure that's Seth (aka BooBoo) sat in front of Stephenie but who is this tall kid at the back on the left who looks like he's wearing a hoody - Mike maybe?

Anyways, I'm loving the decor - not exactly what I pictured but the ceiling dripping with garlands is something only Alice could do. The wooden branch benches are Forks through and through and I love how the look is natural, in a rustic sense, rather than too overdone.

I'm pretty sure this is fully in the Cullens' back garden, overlooking the river to the back through the trees... apparently Alice filled in the pool ;)

Bella grasping to Charlie's arm as he walks her down the aisle - so sweet! A tiny movement that conveys both her nerve and excitement but also reassuring to her Dad *melts*.

Also, our first official glimpse of "the dress": fitted, simple but with an asymmetric hem visible hinting to a touch of something unexpected, some slight texture on the bodice (almost like layered ribbons) and what looks like a gauzy fluted sleeve!

Also, the bouquet - seemlingly small delicate flowers in all white - I hope the full arrangement has something special to set it apart from "the usual".

Most strikingly, the hair comb - the restored antique gift from Charlie and Renee with blue sapphires. Loving how they incorporated it into the veil rather than additional accessories in her hair, keeps it simple and doesn't over power its delicacy (... even though it was meant to be a pair). Also noting the "intricate" braids in her hair just like the book :) love it!

*Siiiigh*Oh, Edward... in long tails - so 1900's and that melting crooked smile under the floral arch way! Plus, his little side-do "I'm a good guy and want to do the right thing by marrying you" hair kinda kills me - I might not be able to take it.

Carlisle and Esme look so proud and of course Carmen and Eleazar (weird cravat?!) from the Denali clan but I'm curious as to why Alice isn't stood on the left - she's maid of honour after all - maybe she's just out of shot...

Side note: Angela's dad, Revered Webber looks like the happiest bunny to be marrying them - cute.

In conclusion... SQUEEE!

- Lorabell :D

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