June 10, 2011

Kristen Stewart Out With Brit Pack Buds in London Town

According to the FabLife, Kristen hit the town with friends after presenting at the UK Glamour Awards and their commentary on the gathering made me snortle more than just a little:

Robert Pattinson missed out on all the fun last night. Girlfriend Kristen Stewart joined her On the Road co-star, Garrett Hedlund, Rob’s BFF/OTR star Tom Sturridge and his lady-friend Sienna Miller for dinner at St. Johns in London, followed by drinks at The Groucho Club. The group split up at around 2:50 AM, with Kristen hopping into a car with her hunky bodyguard (call us) in tow.

Oh, the things we love about this night out. We love that Kristen is still wearing those blue sneakers and that she seems to be immune from getting blisters from wearing sneakers without socks. We love that Garrett is a new member of Team Hobo, what with his cap, Chucks and ratty jeans. We love the raccoon that died and went to heaven on Tom’s face. We love his Lady Gaga t-shirt. We even love everything about Sienna’s outfit. The only thing we hate is the absence of a crucial member of the clique. Maybe they Skyped him in from Toronto?

I'm filing "Team Hobo" away for later use - it's so much more internationally useful than "Team Brit Pack" - done!

- Lorabell

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