June 19, 2011

Kellan Lutz Models Via Skype...

I felt the need to use a pic with the least amount of clothing possible... I hope you don't mind?

...For his new clothing line "Abbot+Main" ;)

Kellan, who's currently shooting his new movie Syrup in NYC, told New York Magazine how he modeled the new clothing line via Skype to co-creator Danny Guez.

Danny has previously worked with figures including Justin Timberlake on similar endeavors (I wonder if Justin had to "model" for him too...) and worked with Kellan whilst he was busy on location up in Vancouver filming Breaking Dawn:

In addition to his rigorous Twilight schedule, Kellan Lutz has been hard at work on his forthcoming clothing line, Abbot+Main, which launches this fall. He's partnering with Danny Guez, the founder of label Dylan George, which Lutz also models for. "[Guez] was looking for a new kind of male celebrity collaborator to be more than just the face of the label," Lutz explained last night at the opening of the new Dream Hotel in the meatpacking district. "When he came to me, I really wanted to be hands-on."

Guez, who's also helped Justin Timberlake on William Rast, has worked closely with Lutz even when he was on location for Twilight in Vancouver. "I'd be designing in my trailer — I love drawing — and he'd create the samples back in L.A., send them up to me, and I'd try them on over Skype," said Lutz. Skype? "I mean, it looked kind of sexual, but at the end of the day, we were trying to make a good product that I'm proud of." Named for an intersection in Venice, California, where Lutz lives, the line is a combination of knit tops, henleys, hoodies, and cardigans. "I feel like John Varvatos has the Malibu-area vibe, so I wanted to create something that could capture that Venice feel," he said.

Does Lutz have any other side projects going on? "I still do a lot of inventing," he said. "A lot of chemistry stuff. I really wanted to make a breakfast-omelet-creator thing, and then I looked in SkyMall and they already have something like that."

- Lorabell

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