June 6, 2011

Eclipse Cast on the MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet

Update: Twilight cast rocking the MTV Movie Awards red carpet...

A really smiley Kristen!

Taylor... with randomly scuffed shoes

PFach... with a pocket watch?

Cutiedo, BooBoo

Bryce plus nudger :)

Liz wearing a LBD that would make Kristen proud!

Julia, continuing to remind me of Natalie Portman

Nikki Reed also showed off her new man and the engagement ring he's given her on the red carpet - more on that HERE

See more pics at source

- Lorabell

P.s. ...What? No Ashley?!

I do not remember seeing Kellan at the movie awards, but he was there! He was looking very cute and scruffy... Very Emmett like!


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