June 3, 2011

Join TwiCrackers First LIVE CHAT for the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday :D

That's right, fellow TwiCrackers - Ashes had the amazing idea to host a Live Chat for this Sunday's MTV Movie Awards!

That means, we'll post a chat room link where y'all can join us and squeee/sigh/swoon/snortle and shudder at the 2011 show :D starting with the red carpet live stream:


Not only will we get to see the looooooong awaited full Breaking Dawn teaser trailer together, but Rob and Kristen are rumoured to actually arrive as a couple (I'll believe it when I see it) AND I'm praying they finally anti up and mack out hard if *cough*when*cough* they win Best Kiss - filming's over, we all know they're together, it's time.

Obviously, we'll also be chatting about what nightmare is wearing what, how bad that joke bombed and which performer is uhmazeballs!

Plus, our bloggy-besties over at Twitarded have already RSVP'd to the fun - needless to say this event comes with an NC17 warning ;)

See you Sunday!

- Lorabell *bounce*

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