June 17, 2011

First Pics and Video of Kristen Stewart at Glamour UK Awards

Further Update: Kristen presenting Glamour UK's the Man of the Year Award to her On The Road co-star Garrett Hedlund:

Update: After-party pics in a killer leather jacket

Click for bigger

Via KStewartFans

Further update: Kristen picced backstage at the UK Glamour Awards after presenting Garrett with the 2011 Man of the Year Award - click for bigger :)

Via Twilightish

Update: According to @GlamourMagUK Kristen will be presenting at the 2011 Glamour Awards - more to come later!

"On The Road" co-star Garrett Hedlund - yum!

Y'all know I heart Kristen hard but... that is some unfortunate lighting O_o***

See more via source

Check back for updates :)

Via source

- Lorabell

***NB: I was being cheeky as when I first saw that pic it looked like a small animal was crawling out from under her dress... just me?

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