May 30, 2011

New Rob Pattinson Pics on set in Toronto... Is Cosmopolis the new Remember Me?

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There are more new pics of Rob on the Cosmopolis today and - even though I am highly enjoying seeing him all suited, booted and slick haired - I can't help but wonder whether this production will go the way of Remember Me...

Back after such a post New Moon lull, we all rejoiced in the yummy pics of disheveled Rob during the New York summer production.

But, after a while, Twi and Rob sites alike had difficulty even keeping up with the amount of new photos every day, to the point where we all... well... needed a break.

Thankfully the security nightmare over in Toronto doesn't seem to be as hellish (when did placing "Robert Pattinson" at one of the biggest University's in one of the busiest cities for extended periods of time become a good idea?) so I hope we don't see any crazies hanging off him in sobs any time soon.

However, I hope coverage calms down a little - isn't it more exciting to see glorious new pics of Rob when we've been missing him for a while, rather than seeing the same thing over and over?

Maybe it's just me... and that's probably why New Moon will always be my favourite of the books - absence makes the heart grow fonder :)

See more pics at RobPattzNews

- Lorabell

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