May 26, 2011

MTV Does A Fashion Homage To 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'

put together a fashion homage to The Twilight Saga. How do you think they did? I totally need some more Twilight bandaids... My daughter used them all!
Twi-hards, your moment has come. We've rounded up an Polyvore assemblage worthy of all you beautiful Bellas out there, one that captures everything that reminds us of Twilight IRL where it's not that vampires and werewolves don't exist per se, it's that we just, erm, haven't found OUR VERY OWN to hug and love and hold (YET!). In the meantime, we can still thumb through the books and watch the
series on repeat. With appropriate pauses to gaze longingly into the eyes of the
sparkly Edward and sinewy Jacob... obvi.

Keeping with the movies' laidback wardrobe, we feature a plaid cotton button-up from The Outnet, a gray V-neck pocket tee from Madewell, a Free People cargo anorak, and these awesomely distressed Diesel exposure sneakers. If you're feeling a little vamp-y (as in like a vampire, not a harlot), slather yourself in Immortelle Devine Creme (ZOMG IMMORTALITY CREAM aka anti-aging cream teehee) and Odd Molly sparkly body lotion. Not into being a vampire and would rather just date one? That's fine.
But you're gonna need these Twilight band-aids and some iron supplements to
combat anemia. Actually, you'll need those if you date a werewolf, too, so just
stock up, mini-Bellas. And since we KNOW you're STILL trying to make up your
mind (you fickle things), an apple and a wolf charm that you can switch out
depending on your mood that day. Or which one you're about to see *wink*

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