May 9, 2011

Mommy Got Busted

Those two quotes are totally my life. For those of you who don't know, I am married and have two daughters. My oldest is 6 1/2 and my youngest is 10 months.

My husband is pretty tolerant of my Twilight addict... He has his days where he says " I wish Robert Pattinson would just come kidnap you." Me, too! My friends know that I like Twilight and they go see the movies with me... I have one friend who would is just as obsessed as me. That's about it!

Well, this mommy got outted by her daughter. This is how it went down

My daughter and I had to wait for her medicine to be filled so we decided to bum around until it was ready. My sweet says" Mommy, I want a new Justin Bieber poster." So we buggy on over to the poster isle which is NEVER full of people, but is today. As we are flipping through the poster she sees an Edward Cullen poster. As soon as she sees it she SCREAMS and I mean screams "Mommy, they have an Edward poster for you!" "You can even kiss it every night before you go to bed." OH. MY. GOD. What was I going to say? The best I could come up with was " Sweetie, you're so funny." "Mommy doesn't like Edward." Here comes where I get busted. Sweetie says, " Yes, you do!" "You told daddy he was going to be your husband one day and to watch out."

Needless to say I bolted!

Have your kids ever played you? Please tell us! I cannot be the only one!


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