May 31, 2011

Rob Pattinson Stops for Fans after Filming on Cosmopolis Set

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More pics and fan encounter via ROBsessed:
My friend and I waited almost 5 hours but it paid off! Caitlin was very nice and she gave us bottles of water because it was so hot outside. David was also very nice and took pictures with us. Rob was going in and out of his trailer to set but after they wrapped shooting, there were only about 6 of us and Rob agreed to come out and sign autographs but no pictures. He was very sweet and so beautiful in real life! Both Rob and David said filming was going really well... day 4 of a 40 day shoot.
Lucky bunnies!

- Lorabell

Ashley Greene Celebrates Memorial Day In Malibu

Ashley Greene was spotted at a Memorial Day BBQ in Malibu, CA. She must love cooking out because she tweeted “So full. My bed looks so incredible right now.”

How did you celebrate the Memorial Day holiday today? I celebrated Memorial Day by grilling with my family by the pool. It was only 95 degrees outside today!


Behind The Scenes Of Taylor Lautner's Movie Award Prom

I can't wait until the Movie Awards! Speaking of which... GO VOTE!


MTV Spoofs The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

MTV News has teamed up with Starbucks Frappucino ® for the MTV Movie Awards Meme Mash-Ups, where they'll be spoofing each of this year's Best Movie nominees by way of the internet's most beloved and most notorious viral clips, from Talking Twin Babies to David After the Dentist.

The first movie spoofed is The Twilight Saga:Eclipse. What do you think of the video?


May 30, 2011

New Rob Pattinson Pics on set in Toronto... Is Cosmopolis the new Remember Me?

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There are more new pics of Rob on the Cosmopolis today and - even though I am highly enjoying seeing him all suited, booted and slick haired - I can't help but wonder whether this production will go the way of Remember Me...

Back after such a post New Moon lull, we all rejoiced in the yummy pics of disheveled Rob during the New York summer production.

But, after a while, Twi and Rob sites alike had difficulty even keeping up with the amount of new photos every day, to the point where we all... well... needed a break.

Thankfully the security nightmare over in Toronto doesn't seem to be as hellish (when did placing "Robert Pattinson" at one of the biggest University's in one of the busiest cities for extended periods of time become a good idea?) so I hope we don't see any crazies hanging off him in sobs any time soon.

However, I hope coverage calms down a little - isn't it more exciting to see glorious new pics of Rob when we've been missing him for a while, rather than seeing the same thing over and over?

Maybe it's just me... and that's probably why New Moon will always be my favourite of the books - absence makes the heart grow fonder :)

See more pics at RobPattzNews

- Lorabell

May 29, 2011

OOOoooOOOhhh! New HQ Pics & Videos of Rob Pattinson on Cosmopolis Set - it's just so... Fifty!

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The fingers :)


Just... Unf!

I am ALL kinds of OK with this costuming - the suit, the hair, the swagger - bestill my quivering... um, knees ;)

See more pics at Spunk_Ransom, videos via ROBsessed

- Lorabell

May 27, 2011

Jackson Rathbone and 100 Monkeys (Finally) Announce UK Tour Dates!

Get your bananas ready, fellow Brits *deep breath* 100 Monkeys announced UK tour dates - squeee!

The band will be making their way around Europe before finally playing three British shows:

100 Monkeys – featuring Twilight star Jackson Rathbone – are finally crossing the pond this winter!

After finishing a summer tour in the US and Canada to promote their newest album, Liquid Zoo, which comes out June 28 (distributed by Warrior/Universal), they will be heading eastward to play several show in Europe.

The tour kicks off on November 28 in Sweden and continues into Denmark, working its way through Germany, France, and the Netherlands before touching down in the UK for their first ever shows!

Tickets for 100 Monkey’s UK tour go on sale at 9am on Wednesday, June 1, 2011.

The full UK tour dates are (all December 2011):

12 – Manchester Academy 3
14 – Birmingham Institute, The Temple
15 – London Islington Academy

I'll be back in my home country by then so hope to see you all at the London show :)

- Lorabell

New Rob Pattinson Fan Pic - Spotted at Johnny Flynn's Toronto Show

Uber lucky fan @Flintstones1973 spotted Rob at the Johnny Flynn show in Toronto last night!

For a split second I thought this was the same fan who spotted Kristen in London the other day :D

- Lorabell

Which Twilight Saga Star Is Preggers?

Let's play a guessing game... Which Twilight Saga cast member do you think is pregnant? I'll give you one small hint--They haven't starred in all the movies. Who do you think it is?

Click here to see if you're right!

MTV Movie Awards Promo Skits Featuring Kristen & Taylor

In advance of the MTV Movie Awards June 5th, Kristen and Taylor recorded these promo skits - it's no Bad Ass Cops 2 (unlike I hoped) but it bodes well.

Don't forget to vote HERE

Videos via TwilightBritneyFan - thanks Annatastic23 :)

- Lorabell

P.s. When Kristen says "you're not my hairdresser" it really reminds me of one of her lines from a movie but I can not place it - someone help, it's driving me nuts!

May 26, 2011

MTV Does A Fashion Homage To 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'

put together a fashion homage to The Twilight Saga. How do you think they did? I totally need some more Twilight bandaids... My daughter used them all!
Twi-hards, your moment has come. We've rounded up an Polyvore assemblage worthy of all you beautiful Bellas out there, one that captures everything that reminds us of Twilight IRL where it's not that vampires and werewolves don't exist per se, it's that we just, erm, haven't found OUR VERY OWN to hug and love and hold (YET!). In the meantime, we can still thumb through the books and watch the
series on repeat. With appropriate pauses to gaze longingly into the eyes of the
sparkly Edward and sinewy Jacob... obvi.

Keeping with the movies' laidback wardrobe, we feature a plaid cotton button-up from The Outnet, a gray V-neck pocket tee from Madewell, a Free People cargo anorak, and these awesomely distressed Diesel exposure sneakers. If you're feeling a little vamp-y (as in like a vampire, not a harlot), slather yourself in Immortelle Devine Creme (ZOMG IMMORTALITY CREAM aka anti-aging cream teehee) and Odd Molly sparkly body lotion. Not into being a vampire and would rather just date one? That's fine.
But you're gonna need these Twilight band-aids and some iron supplements to
combat anemia. Actually, you'll need those if you date a werewolf, too, so just
stock up, mini-Bellas. And since we KNOW you're STILL trying to make up your
mind (you fickle things), an apple and a wolf charm that you can switch out
depending on your mood that day. Or which one you're about to see *wink*

First Pic of Rob Pattinson in Cosmopolis!

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG - that hair will be the end of me - hummana!

Via source

- Lorabell *implodes*

New Kristen Stewart Fan Pic from London


The super lucky @HARVIIKILLS got this photo with Kristen in London yesterday, commenting:
"Kristen walked out the car, no one recognised her, and i screamed!! and she turnt around and i begged for a pic..
Didnt take a pic with anyone else :)"
Thanks Shraddha via source

- Lorabell

P.s. I think I recognize that hotel...

Michael Sheen's Dramatic FanFicion Reading!

And this is why he's dating Rachel McAdams...

Best Week Ever featured Michael reading from fanfiction Unexpected Circumstance:

"Sheen obliged without any hesitation, and what we were given…. was magic."

Has anyone read this fic? I've not heard of it before but promptly added it to my list...

- Lorabell

Update: YouTube video for the masses :)

May 25, 2011

Taylor Lautner on Jimmy Kimmel - Full Videos

Taylor was on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night promoting his new film Abduction, which is out this September.

From trailers I've seen, it actually looks pretty good - go, Taylor!

- Lorabell

Kellan Lutz Turned Down Being Britney Spear's Boyfriend???


...In a music video ;)

According to Monster Critics:

Twilight star Kellan Lutz reportedly turned down an offer to play Britney Spears' boyfriend in her new music video.

The actor, who plays the role of Edward Cullen's brother Emmett in the movie series, was reportedly offered the role of Spears' boyfriend in the video for her third single but declined, according to Hollywood Life.

The two stars recently met when Lutz was a guest at her fundraiser for the St Bernard Project's Hurricane Katrina relief effort.

The actor revealed to E! Online at the event that the track Oops!... I Did It Again is his favourite Britney song.

The video has recently been filmed in Los Angeles and would have seen Lutz rescuing Spears from the paparazzi before kissing in a car.

Via Lion and Lamb Love

- Lorabell

Official Breaking Dawn Teaser Poster And Trailer Info!

Click and click for bigger

Straight from the Twilight Twitter account.... The Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn- Part 1 teaser poster! They also tweeted that trailer will be shown at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards! HALE YES! What do y'all think of the poster? Loving the background! SCORE!


[Lorabell note: I just had to add this - it made me EPIC lol - thank you internet:

Via source]

May 24, 2011

Kristen Stewart Spotted Landing in London... Wearing Rob's Pants?

Today K-Stew was spotted arriving at the Heathrow Airport in London, England. She was with her bodyguard who was seemed to be taking his job very seriously.

Is it me or does her hair seem to have an auburn-redish tint?

Wonder why she's in London...


*Warning - pap pics*

Cosmopolis Shooting Starts Today - What Can We Spy in New Set Pics?!

Spotted on the Toronto set of Cosmopolis Rob's character, Eric Parker's limo - it's white and makes me think of American Psycho - rawr!

Production is set to shoot for nine weeks, through the end of July in both Toronto and New York.

I also noticed a black vintage "caddy" looking car in the bottom left corner - it's unlikely that crew would park at circus (unless a super exec) so I'm wondering if this is another prop - hmmm!

- Lorabell

Mmm, Oooh Yeah! New Rob Pattinson Vanity Fair Outtakes!

Click for bigger

Gah, the look on his face just kills me!


It hurts to be so broody

I'm sure there must be outtakes of Rob sucking corn from his teeth - your welcome for spoiling him making on that Heine ;)

Via RPLife

- Lorabell

May 23, 2011

Give Us A Breaking Dawn Trailer, Summit!

The 2011 MTV Movie Awards will be here very, very soon. There has been no official announcement about the crew attending or a trailer being shown. I am almost 99.999 % positive that the cast will be there. They are up for too many awards not to show up. However, the trailer being shown is another thing. Do y'all think we will get a teaser? A taste? I sound like a crack addict, right? COME ON, Summit!

See our post that contains videos about all of the Twi nominations. Don't forget to VOTE !


Twilight: The Graphic Novel- Volume 2 Release Date

Yen Press, the graphic novel imprint of Hachette Book Group, announced that it
will publish the eagerly-awaited second volume in the graphic novel adaptation
of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight on October 11, 2011. Twilight: The Graphic Novel,
Volume 2 will be released as an e-book and in hardcover for $19.99 ($22.99 CAN)
with a first printing of 350,000 copies.
See more information at Twilight Lexicon

Will any of you purchase this? How many of you have Volume 1 ?


Kristen Stewart in a Disney Movie I've Never Seen Before....

I may be late to the part on this one but I came across this video of Kristen Stewart I don't remember seeing before...

Yup, that's our KStew in a Disney TV movie called The Thirteenth Year about (*spoiler alert!*) a boy who discovers his mother is a mermaid.

As much as she a fan of Nikki Reed's Thirteen, I don't think they're quite as similar as the titles may suggest ;)

- Lorabell

May 22, 2011

Twilight & On The Road Cast at 2011 Young Hollywood Awards

Michael Sheen, Christian Serratos and BooBoo Stewart all attended the 2011 Young Hollywood Awards in LA tonight, which airs May 26th at 9pm ET/PT on ION.

In three-degrees-of-Steweration*, On The Road actor, Garrett Hedlund took home the award for Best Actor after praising his co-star Kristen Stewart on the red carpet:

Pics via Gossip_Dance

- Lorabell

*Like "six degrees of Kevin Bacon"

Production Update on Snow White & The Huntsman...

Via Celebuzz:

Kristen Stewart‘s Snow White and the Huntsman will not interfere with promotion for Breaking Dawn.

In a brilliant move by Universal, EW reports they have moved up the release date of the film by six months! Not only does this beat rival Relativity’s Snow White (with Julia Roberts) release date by four weeks, but now production can get rolling earlier because Stewart’s availability for filming was just slightly in jeopardy.

As you Twi-Hards know, Breaking Dawn Part 1 comes out in November 18, 2011 and Kristen and Robert Pattinson will have the most promotional duties leading up to it.

Now, with Snow White‘s earlier release date, studio sources tell Celebuzz they are moving up filming at least a month to early August rather than September.

- Lorabell *phew*

Jackson Rathbone Is So Pretty It Hurts?

Everyone's favourite Southern gentleman, Jackson Rathbone will be covering Ouch Magazine, which has released a new interview with "The Bone" (I'm going to try and make that happen).

Jackson's issue is set for release this November in time to coincide with the release of Breaking Dawn Part 1 - whoop!

- Lorabell

New/Reaaaally Old Kristen Stewart Pre-Twilight Video Interview

In case anyone needed a reminder of what Kristen was like before Twilight, Robstenation posted this epic flashback!

Kristen spoke to Grammy Radio about her then upcoming movies The Messengers, Into The Wild and The Cake Eaters - this is waaay pre-Twilight, people!

After all the Hale people give Kristen about her interviewing technique, I love how she's so natural and expressive here - I'm sure under the uber Twilight microscope, they'd feel more than a little scrutinized too - stay true, KStew (<--- totally rhymes).

- Lorabell :)

May 21, 2011

MTV Movie Awards Bad-Ass Cops Part 2?!?! What is Taylor Lautner Filming in NYC...

Earlier this week Taylor was spotted on set filming in New York...

Not a great shot but you can juuuust make him out :)

As you can see from the filming notice, the project name is "Movie Awards" which leads me to believe this is for the pending 2011 MTV Movie Awards on June 5th.

Last year, I nearly died laughing when Taylor and Rob surprised us all with the hilarious "Bad Ass Cops" - I am sooooooo hoping for a follow up!

However, judging from the set (plus the distinct lack of Rob) a play on Taylor's up-coming movie Abduction is more likely... which would you prefer?

- Lorabell

Check Out Movies.Com New Breaking Dawn Countdown Column

Super bloggy-bud, Laura (aka Pel) over at Twilight Lexicon has started a new bi-monthly Breaking Dawn Countdown coloumn over at

Rather than the Twi-blogesphere's usual updates, which we all try to keep up with, is a platform for more in-depth articles, debate and discussion on subjects that fans are actually interested in, rather than cranked out tabloid blah.

It's almost like we all went back in time a few thousand posts to when there were less than 735019485860367 Twilight blogs on the web - woah!

Be sure to check out Pel's debut article The Veterans Meets the Denalis and stay tuned for more new posts :)

- Lorabell

Dakota Fanning Surprises Oprah for Farewell Finale!

US Magazine has deets on all the celebrities took part in the taping of Oprah's final shows.

Amongst the A-listers was Twilight cast cutie, Dakota looking more princess than evil vampire in a super sweet pink gown:
7:53 pm: Dakota Fanning takes the stage with young fans who explain what The Oprah Show means to them. "We call ourselves Oprah Show babies," Fanning says. "We've learned from The Oprah Show that we matter, that we're enough. Because of The Oprah Winfrey Show, we believe that girls can run the world."

- Lorabell