April 18, 2011

Water For Elephants, Robsten, And Breaking Dawn..

According to Lainey[ Although I don't like her comments, she tends to be right] --

"Kristen Stewart? Flew to New York with Pattinson to support him at the event. Did not walk the carpet. But here’s the nipple tweaker you’ve been waiting for Twi-Hards: Stewart has another week of shooting in Vancouver, she’s due on set today. She was told that she had to be back in Vancouver by 8am so as not to delay production. Stewart is reliable, there’s no doubt she’ll come to work ready to work. The point though is that she flew a long way in a short amount of time for an even shorter amount of time just to accompany her boyfriend to his premiere. There is no breakup. There never was."

"UPDATE: Stewart's call time has now been moved to 3PM"

Now, back to me..

So, this means Breaking Dawn is still filming for a short while. And whether Kristen and Rob are dating or just friends.. It is awesome that she showed her support at his WFE Premiere.


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