April 27, 2011

So I fiiiiiiinally got to see "Whiskey for Elephants"!

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So, I read the book a few months ago, in advance of a screening that was meant to happen outside of Seattle.

Although I really liked the picture the story painted and my heart strings were tugged by the compassionate nature of the lead, I had issues with the plot - namely, why in the hale do Jacob and Marlena actually fall for each other?

It's just sort of assumed of the principle characters take that leap from "hi, nice to meet you" to "let's start a new life together".

I mean, is "you're a beautiful women, you deserve a beautiful life" enough? Really?!

I digress...

Things I loooved about the movie:

Rob. Ok, ok, I know it's somewhat of a given but that boy delivers - I don't care how much some may tease him about Twilight, he is present throughout every second of his character's lives. Plus, hearing him talk in another language did fluttery things to my insides - hummana!

The atmosphere. It looked AMAZE! The details, from the lighting and the sweat to the costumes and the set-dressing, felt so authentic. Gorgeous job.

Christoph Waltz. That dude was the exact embodiment of the character from the book - enough to equally creep and scare the begeezus out of me - wow!

The editing. I don't know how else to put it but - from when Jacob was going to be flung from the train, to when they were discovered at the hotel, and when Rosie swiped August about the head - man, there were some incredible moments!

Twilight quoteage. Viewing bud @Kitty_Elvis (who is also responsible for the rebranding) totally called it when Jacob asked "Do you mind if I look?" about Silver's hoof - biology scene flash back anyone?

Things I didn't love quite so much:

The love scene. Ugh, I wanted to like it - trust. It had such potential, what with Rob's musicians fingers dancing their way up her thigh, but I was so very disconnected from that scene *sigh* just me?

Claudia. You know, when they dressed Rob up in drag? Haha, ok maybe it was funny but the pasty crossed the line *cringe*

Sad pandas. ...and horses and elephants and dogs and cats - I know it's only showbiz but still makes me upset to see :(

Overall, I like the movie a lot - the production value is of a high quality and I'd recommend it as a good watch to Rob and non-Rob fans alike.

However, the story its-self always lacked that certain element of truth that convinced me of Jacob and Marlena's desperation to be together - for me, this similarly lacks in the film.

- Lorabell

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