April 4, 2011

Please Welcome New Team TwiCracker - Ashes

I'm taking this opportunity to bring you my fave Little Ashes shot - smooth link ;)

Dear TwiCrackers,

Since Mrs TCA brought me on, I've done my best to keep up with the ever growing slew of Twi-news, but as she went on haitus, I missed having a partner in crime.

Now, I've finally found... Ashes :)

You might recognize her from the comments or leaving links for me in the chatbox - she's been a friend and follower of TwiCrack for as long as I can remember.

With work pwning my a$$ lately, you may have noticed Ashes secretly posting for the past week as a trial period - I'm hope you'll agree what a great job she's been doing!

Please welcome her to the TwiCrack team as warmly as you did with me *puffy hearts*

- Lorabell

P.S. Ashes is also based down south so will be ALL OVER any Florida reshoots - bonus!

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