April 21, 2011

P Fach Talks Breaking Dawn Wedding Scene

The sexy Peter Facinelli spoke with MTV recently and gave out a few deets on how horrible filming the wedding scene was!

This is what P.Fach had to say about it-

"Beautiful and spectacular," he said. "It's funny, because whenever we have a big important scene on 'Twilight' [movies], it rains. I was doing the baseball sequence [from 'Twilight'], and it was raining. But you never see it on film," he said of the filmmaking crew's movie magic. "With this wedding, it rained the whole time we shot the two scenes. But you'll never see it on film, they block out the rain. They put tarps up and you'll never see it. But for us, it was very wet and muddy and cold."

The poor Twilight cast has had to endure so much bad weather. Props to them for sucking it up and doing it because I couldn't!


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