April 16, 2011

Nikki Reed's New Smiley Sweetheart - Cute Couple Alert!

I've been watching Idol regularly this year (I'm totes rooting for Casey and Lauren) but somehow missed that finalist, Paul McDonald is dating our own Nikki Reed O_o

McDonald who was cut from American Idol Thursday night, has a super sexy shoulder to cry on in his new girlfriend Nikki Reed.

“She’s super cool, she’s super smart and a really cool girl,” the 26-year-old Nashville native gushed. Nikki, 22, plays the gorgeous vampire Rosalie alongside Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in the Twilight Saga movies. “I’m happy with it. We’ve been hanging out here and there, we’re both pretty busy but it’s been fun so far.”

Since Nikki only juuust finished filming Breaking Dawn up in Vancouver, I have no idea how she found the time but actually think they make a really cute couple... and anything's better than that Paris dude from before *cringe*

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- Lorabell

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