April 28, 2011

New Breaking Dawn Stills From Enterainment Weekly!

Hale yes! Entertainment Weekly has exclusive stills from the Breaking Dawn movie. FINALLY!! Legal Twi-Crack that Summit can't take away! Enjoy --Ashes ;)

P.S.- The quotes under the photos are from EW, too.

Bella enjoys ''morning-after'' eggs courtesy of new husband Edward on Isle Esme. ''I like the honeymoon scenes,'' Robert Pattinson says, ''because it's such a massive turnaround in Edward and Bella's relationship.''

Jacob receives his invitation to the wedding. ''He's still getting over losing out on Bella,'' says Taylor Lautner. ''By the end he's able to accept it and deal with it like a man.''

Esme (Elizabeth Reaser) greets members of the Denali (from left, Maggie Grace, Casey LaBow and MyAnna Buring) at Bella and Edward's wedding.

Thanks to Robsessed for pointing out this still!

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