April 15, 2011

Kristen Stewart at "Beat Bootcamp" for On The Road filming

The NY Times have an interesting article on the looong awaited adaptation of Jack Kerouac's iconic scroll "On The Road".

Originally written in the early 1950's, the cast underwent intense preparation to ensure they did the era justice:

The cast is peppered with actors with box-office appeal, including Kristen Stewart of “Twilight” fame, Kirsten Dunst, Amy Adams and Viggo Mortensen. The two male leads, characters based on Kerouac and his fellow flâneur Neal Cassady, are played by lesser-known actors, Sam Riley and Garrett Hedlund.

In July, before filming began near the primary sets in Montreal, the cast and crew went through Beat boot camp — three weeks of immersion with Kerouac experts...

None of the cast and crew were old enough to remember the Beat era, so Mr. Nicosia, of Corte Madera, approached the sessions as if he were teaching ancient history, “like I was bringing them the Holy Grail.”

He said the actors were especially intense, knowing they would upset a lot of people if they didn’t portray the characters accurately.

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- Lorabell

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