March 20, 2011

Watch Robert Pattinson's Live Interview with MTV HERE!

Further update: Whoohoo, full video on one go - yaaaaaaay!

Thanks @TwiBritneyFan :)

Update: For those who missed the live stream, here's MTV's best bits recap:

And the rather schmexy Water for Elephants exclusive:

Check back here tonight at 8.56pm EST (5.56pm PST / 12.56am GMT) for Rob's on MTV's first ever livestream Q&A where he'll also be debuting a new Water for Elephants clip!

*Fingers crossed* the feed doesn't fail!

- Lorabell

NB: For those outside of the US, you'll need to download an IP blocker (I use HotSpot Shield) but I'll post the YouTube video's as soon as they become available :)

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