March 30, 2011

Tilly (That's Taylor and Lilly) Spotted Eating Fresh in Squamish

Update: Taylor was also spotted at local Sushi San by luck fan @MarionTLindsay - I'll have the California roll with a side of jelly!

It turns out Jake does go for redheads ;)

I can not believe this chick is the daughter of Phil Collins!

Anyways, according to EntertainmentWise Taylor was sighted at a Subway up in Squamish and bought Lilly a chicken salad ( 10am O_o but that's besides the point).

It seems Taylor was, quote "really protective over her" and asked about 15 fans to wait whilst he ordered Lilly's food before signing autographs.

The idea of Taylor having a girl stay at location way up in the mountains of outer Vancouver makes me a little sad that our little werewolf's all grown up *tear* gone are the days of inappropriate lusting over underage six-packs... oh wait, that's a good thing right?

Argh, confusing!

- Lorabell

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