March 6, 2011

Rob & Kristen Spotted Leaving Cast Party in Vancouver Last Night, March 6th

OK, so there's a (barely visible) photo making its way around the interwebs of Rob and Kristen leaving a cast party in downtown Vancouver last night.

I have it on good authority that fun Twi-times went down at the Barcelona club on Granville.

Other than that, the only information is that the person who took the pic was asked not to - in fact:

75% of the image is a body guard trying to stop the photographer
20% random night space and
5% what could be seen as Rob and Kristen... on a foggy day... from a distance... with one eye.

Now, you all know that we post some pap pics, which are often click-through only to give you the option. However, when shots are as obviously intrusive as this, I'd rather post this awesomeness:

melbietoast:  jolori:  missimari101:  dukkesa31:  O_O O_O O_O O_O calihi27:  Oh God, his lips… sooo lickable and kissable! Swoon.   O.O DEAD :O  *mind drawing a blank* PullMyDaisy2: THUD…..kiss me Rob….kiss me.  MUAH!! MMMMM  *melbie just fell to the floor*  Holy shit. I actually moved my lips closer to the computer when I first saw this.
You're welcome ;)

- Lorabell

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