March 26, 2011

Only Rob Can Rock A Checked Suit! New EW "Water for Elephants" Outtakes

Update: Blogger is being most unhelpful and refusing to let me post so please enjoy additional EW magazine scans care of ThinkingOfRob :)

Stylist: Mr Pattinson, I selected a beautiful suit for your shoot today.

Rob *sees checked suit... pauses*: Did my Dad put you up to this?

Stylist: Big Daddy?

Rob: Dick, yes.

Stylist *confused*: No. You love wearing check.

Rob: I love wearing plaid - I'm a hipster. *calls* KRISTEN - did you bring my maroon suit?

Kristen *calls*: Russel Brand stole it, Flippy - remember?

Stylist: Not to worry, I also brought this beige top...

Stephenie: I love it.

Tai: If you don't put this schmexy tux on right now I'm going to put my trunk where the sun don't shine!

Check out Entertainment Weekly for fun quotes from Rob and Reese :)

- Lorabell

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