March 14, 2011

New Breaking Dawn Set Location Spotted in Vancouver?!

Update: With new pics from inside the Orpheum theater during set-up for Breaking Dawn shoot :)

Still no idea why they'd be using this... they shot the main J Jenks scene down in Baton Rouge - I would've thought they'd have wrapped that actor's scenes in one go - any reshoots would be after primary filming, no?

I'm starting to think this may be something to do with either a) the wedding, or b) the Volturi but bloggy-bud Mandy is thinking it could be some Edward flash-backs, which is probable considering extras have been spotted in 20s/30s attire.

Via source

I can't think what Breaking Dawn scene requires a theater/stage location... any ideas?

- Lorabell

NB: Thanks sblood311 :)

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