March 7, 2011

My First 100 Monkeys Show - Jackson & Bananas Play Vancouver

So this past Friday I went to my first ever 100 Monkeys show.

I was excited to hear the band play live and have a good time with my buds in Vancouver but admit I was a little concerned I wouldn't be too into the tunes.

Now, earlier in the day I'd taken a friend who was visiting out to the Swan house set location, which was in full filming - big trucks, trailers, cranes plus view blocked by black covers, trees and torrential rain.

Although we did spy a Jasper stand-in/stunt-double so deduced that they were shooting the suspected "Edward's bachelor party" scene.

However, this meant that Jackson was running late for the show back downtown!

So there I was at Venue with @MandysMind, @Cupcakegirl76, @Red_Bella, @RobbedMyHeart and a Haleton of other pals and no Jackson.

The openers, Rags to Riches held up well - I chatted to them briefly at the merch table after the show and they were very sweet boys - even if they looked about twelve... seriously.

Then 4 of the Monkeys took to the stage, announcing a second show would be taking place down the street at Forum with their missing banana, Jackson.

We all relocated and the place perked up en masse when Jackson was in the house. The full band fiiiiiiinally took the stage around 1.30am!

Now, I heart me some Jackson ever since I got the chance to interview him in NYC but have gotta say I was impressed with the Monkey's stage presence as well as sound live:

Yup, I think I'd definitely see them in concert again :) they definitely made me... go bananas:

See more footage over at TwilightCupcake

- Lorabell

P.s. Sadly I wasn't able to make the in-store show the following afternoon so totes missed out on a meet and great - dangit!

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