March 28, 2011

Kristen Stewart's Prince Charming...

Update: It seems this is a different Snow White movie to "The Huntsman" version - confusing much!

Word's still out on any Prince Charming role to play opposite Kristen and reportedly Viggo Mortensen has dropped out as the huntman :/

Thanks Aje1982 via GossipCop

In Snow White and The Huntsman, of course! While I hate to have Perez Hilton as a source, he has some deets on the new Snow White flick.

Apparently Kristen Stewart's new leading man will be---Armie Hammer.

You may remember him from the movie The Social Network. Also, Julia Roberts is set to play the evil queen. I am really excited about this movie!

Excuse the doodle... Perez likes to draw.

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