March 4, 2011

Kristen Stewart Confirmed For Snow White By Film's Producer - Including Interview!

Producer of Snow White & The Huntsman, @PaleksPatel has confirmed that Kristen is set to play Snow White in the new movie adaptation of the fairy tale!

Script Magazine interviews Paleks:

The Development:
Upon reading the script, Patel immediately became excited at the possibilities. This would be the reinvention of the fairytale, and it would have “the scope of being a big tent pole studio movie.” Over the course of the summer of 2010, Patel and Daugherty met to flesh out the script by creating back stories for the characters, specifically for the Evil Queen. Daugherty’s original script focused on the Huntsman, but the creative process expanded it to a broader theme- the notion that “people aren’t born evil; they turn evil” In other words, what happened to make the Evil Queen the way she is?
Read in full at KStewartNews

Soooo fricking stoked!

- Lorabell

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