March 17, 2011

Breaking Dawn Filming Deets - Production Continues at Petgill Lake, Vancouver

Update: It seems some local Petgill Lakeians drove by Breaking Dawn production yesterday - although the footage its-self isn't groundbreaking (if interesting) the commentary made me chuckle:

Via source

After being spotted a local movie theater for a showing of Red Riding Hood last night, Rob, Kristen and the Breaking Dawn cast are apparently continuing filming up at Petgill Lake.

Located about an hour's drive outside of metro Vancouver, @JudiShekoni (aka Zafrina) seems to have Twitpic from the same location yesterday that she thought they were filming "in heaven":

Perhaps this location is being used for when Zafrina uses her power to create images of surroundings on the Cullens during training...?

What say you?

- Lorabell

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