March 22, 2011

Bloggy Bud SOS - TwiCracker Help Wanted!

Dear TwiCrackers,

Mrs TCA started this blog back in December 2008 as a bloggy outlet for her TwiCrack addiction after discovering the saga - we can all relate.

With the demands of real-life however, she took me on to help with the daily dealings in August 2009.

Now, I'm waving my Pattinpantz as a white flag and a new bloggy-bud is needed!

If you would like to be our new TwiCrack Addict addition, please apply by emailing into with the subject line "I'm Team TwiCrack".

Please explain how you're a complete TwiCrack Addict, the reasons why you'd be a great new addition, links to current blog experience is a plus and the ability to make me epic lol gets extra sparkle points :)

- Lorabell x

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