March 17, 2011

Bella Italia's Mushroom Ravioli Shipped To Your Home!

When I visitied Foooooooorks last October with the Twitards, MandysMind and I stopped off on the way at Bella Italia in Port Angeles.

As I'm sure you all know, this was the location Stephenie Meyer set Edward and Bella's first date.

As a result, the restaurant has become a favourite for Twilight devotees and Bella's order of mushroom ravioli a fan favourite.

Now, you can order the dish from the comfort of your very own home via the Bella Italia website!

Although I didn't order this ravioli (as I'm gluten intolerant) I did have a super scrummy mushroom risotto (close enough) with bruschetta and a raspberry-ice-float :) I definitely recommending eating here!

- Lorabell *fork "borrowing" discouraged*

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