February 25, 2011

Wolf Pack Fan Encounter Out At Dinner in Vancouver

Lucky @MarikaRobi actually spotted Alex, Kiowa and Bronson at dinner after filming in Vancouver yesterday:

I was leaving the hotel of my friend, walking on the street, I looked into a restaurant and bang I saw Alex. After I saw Kiowa and Bronson. So I waited in front of the restaurant, I sent a text to my friend to join me there. We waited 45 minutes, after Alex went outside the restaurant and he came to us, asking us if we were waiting there for them, we said yes. He asked us if we want to take pictures, we say Yes lol. He invited you to enter into the restaurant with him and wait for the other guys because that was cold outside. We talked with him, he was so friendly, he gave us hugs. Bronson arrived, presented himself, ask for our name, he was so friendly too and then Kiowa arrived and we took some pcitures. And I'm a french Canadian and I told them that I was. When we thanked them for the photo, Alex gave us another hug, and Bronson said : Aurevoir, Merci Beaucoup. (It's Goodbye, thank you so much in french).

That was amazing, I'm in Vancouver to see the Twilight Cast so that's awesome !

Via TwiFans

- Lorabell

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