February 24, 2011

TwiCast Vancouver Restaurant Hot Spots - Make Your Reservations Now!

The Vancouver Sun posted a handy dandy list of all the restaurants the Twicast like to eat in when filming in town :)
  • Glowbal in Yaletown - top of my list (and super convenient to my hood) - you gotta order Rob's balls for his fave kobe meatball dish :)

  • Rodney's Oyster Bar

  • Miku Japanese restaurant

  • Blue Water Cafe and Raw Bar

  • Cin Cin

  • Stella's on Commercial (during Eclipse reshoots)

  • India Bistro - apparently Rob even ate here on an airport run he loves it so much. The owner also noted "One thing I'll tell you. This kid, you'd never think he was a star. When he came, he was like a normal person, eating, chatting." - f-loves!
Via Twilight Lexicon

- Lorabell

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