February 2, 2011

New Water For Elephants Poster - Let's Compare/Discuss...

*Potential spoiler alert*

Having just finished this book, I'm even more eager to see this movie *cough*and more than slightly gutted the screener was pulled*coughcough*.

So when RobPattzNews tweet a new/slightly different Water for Elephants poster over at Glamour UK I had to click...

Now, personally I initially prefer the earlier version with "Marlena" looking away - I just think she looks better in this shot but also I like the "forbidden love" aspect it suggests.

However, I overall prefer her looking to "Jacob" as representative of the film its-self, i.e. she's looking to him for help and not that they're both looking away, ashamed. Also, the latter poster has the trapeze addition which is just cool... although on closer inspection that may be a monkey :)

If anyone's yet to read the book, get on that:

- Lorabell

P.s. I've also decided I like the background in the earlier one more - it has a more "vintage" and magical "greatest show on earth" look :)

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