February 3, 2011

Kristen Offered Snow White - Exclusive! OK, *now* I'll post this...

OK, so a week or so ago @BettingOnAlice1 brought it to my attention that Kristen was rumoured to be playing Snow White in a new movie version "Snow White & The Huntsman".

But because we hear a million rumours a day about what movie various Twi-cast may or may not be in, I left it alone until we had some proof.

So now, The Hollywood Reporter are stating that:

The deal is not done and could still fall apart, but both sides want it to happen.
Stewart is a name that Universal kept coming back to since acquiring the project. Still, it went through a series of screen tests with actresses such as Riley Keough, Felicity Jones and Alicia Vikander. As The Hollywood Reporter previously reported, Stewart was still being courted as late as last week, and Universal finally made an offer over the weekend.
If Universal are making offers, I'll post (and keep my fingers crossed because I think she would be fricking EPIC in this role!) ...plus this pic just makes it worth it :)

- Lorabell

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