February 17, 2011

Kellan Lutz Models & Designs New Dylan George Demin Collection - Rawr!

According to Gossip Cop:

Kellan Lutz is the new face of Dylan Georgejeans, and will also have a hand in designing for the premium denim label.The new sub-brand, called Abbot & Main, will also feature men’s T-shirts and knits when it launches next fall.

Lutz will collaborate with label founder Daniel Guez on the design aesthetic.“How cool will that be to create my own line? I grew up wanting to be an inventor,” the Twilight actor tells WWD. “I went to school for chemical engineering. I love to create. I’ve always wanted to get into fashion. I’ve always liked drawing, not Space Age stuff but high fashion.”

Let's hope the pics are as hawt as Kellan's Calvin shoot *fans self* rawr!

Pics via source

- Lorabell

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