February 2, 2011

K-11 Production News? Rumoured Filming This June!

Mama Stew's directorial debut, K-11 has been in the works for a while (with and now without Nikki Reed) and now, according to GreatNewMovies production is back in swing for this summer:

The rumors were swirling around for years about Kristen Stewart acting in her mother’s movie ‘K-11’. But, the details always remained a myth.

The movie ‘K-11’ has been delayed since 2008 due to various factors, such as casting, funding and the schedules of Kristen Stewart and it was shelved since then. The movie is supposed to start it’s filming from June 6, which could probably come in the way of ‘Snow White and The Huntsman’, if the schedules are not adjusted.

The movie ‘K-11’ is all about one of the Music legends of Hollywood ending up in male prison of K-11 unit in Los Angeles. K-11 is a unit provided for the gay people and the transgenders who could not survive in the normal prison.

Reportedly, Kristen Stewart is playing the character of Birdy, a 19-year-old girl, with red hair just like a normal boy. She gets molested by a child molester Detroit who likes her, as she is small and young. Later in the plot, she kills him as retaliation. The complete ‘K-11’ unit works together, to throw the guard, who abuses them verbally and physically.

The complete film is violent as people fighting with each other to dominate and the rest fight for their survival. Jules Stewart, the mother of Kristen Stewart is the script writer and the director of ‘K-11’.

However, I'm noting that these people are talking like Kristen's already cast in Snow White & The Huntsmen, which is still all rumour mill as far as we've heard... even though I think she'd be awesome in that role, especially a dark version!

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