February 13, 2011

Dear Summit... we want actual Breaking Dawn set pics - give us some TwiCrack! Thanks, the Fandom xoxo

Pics via TwiFans

Dear Summit,

I know you're keeping security on the Breaking Dawn set super tight, etc and I understand why...

However, I can't help but feel - especially after the promo h00ring that happened around New Moon filming - that you should throw us something to keep us going.

We, the Fandom, want to see updates of interest rather than having to repost random (if hawt) flashbacks.

I mean really, are super far pics through various layers of fencing and barricades all we're worth to you after the years of faithful following? It keeps us strong, like tofu if you will, but never fully satisfies...

Come on, how about just one abstract shot of vampire Bella - just a lil David Slade style Twitpic?

Thanks for... something?

- Lorabell ;)

P.s. I can't help but feel that throwing us the occasional fix would deter so many from set-stalking... maybe... but don't take my word on that.

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