February 26, 2011

Breaking Dawn Set Updates - Stunt Climbing at Bella's House & Prepping Jake's House

It looks like they're prepping for some fancy schmancy stunt work over at the Swan house!

From the looks of things there's going to be some vampire climbing action going on at Bella's window. Whether we're going to see Edward scaling the building; Alice popping by to check on the bride; or maybe even Jasper and Emmett coming to take the bachelor away for his party - we'll have to wait and see...

Pics via TwiFans

I went out to visit Jacob's house *cough*andtheCullencottageofluuurve*cough* with bloggy buds MandysMind and MissTeJota.

I'm lucky enough to have seen this set before but was super excited to see it getting dressed up to film Breaking Dawn here in Vancouver - and by the looks of their post box, the Blacks have mail!

Some of Jacob's garage props are up on the building walls and Mandy made interesting observations that boat buoys are added for the "coastal" feel - cute touch ;)

I noticed that if you zoom and look closely into the main house you can make out a rack of costume!

One thing I can tell though - it is effing freezing out there - gah!

- Lorabell

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